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No Ramen, No Life. Know Ramen, Know Life.


I’ve been making a lot of ramen lately. Not the instant noodle shit (although it’s very versatile), but the good stuff that you always see Naruto eating in the anime. To make it does not cost a lot of money, but it does cost you time.

Through ramen, it’s made me realize that to get the full flavors and “umami” takes a lot of patience. I think this is something that a lot of people need to understand when it comes to life. We live (well, I’m speaking in terms of the U.S.) in a society where we need things to satisfy our wants and we want it when we demand it.

Take the time to slow down and develop patience. Things will fall into place better that way. In terms of ramen, to create a really good broth means cooking it for a minimum of 6 hours.

Take the time to appreciate the small things. Every minor detail plays its role in the big picture. For ramen, choosing what you add to your soup can completely change the appearance and flavor.

One day I’m going to become a chef and open up my own restaurant. I don’t usually write things like this, but hey. This is me.


Zander Olsen, Tree,Line.

This is an ongoing series of constructed photographs rooted in the forest. These works, carried out in Surrey, Hampshire and Wales,involve site specific interventions in the landscape, ‘wrapping’ trees with white material to construct a visual relationship between tree, not-tree and the line of horizon according to the camera’s viewpoint.

(Source: showslow, via laaaaaa)